Washer / Dryer Repair

The washer and dryer, sometimes found in a combo, are sometimes the most important and valued appliance that can be found in your home. But we often take them for granted, even though they make our lives easier and keep our clothes clean.

Washing machines, however, are one of the most likely appliances to break down and because they are rigged up to electricity and water, it’s dangerous to even think about attempting DIY repairs on such an appliance. It’s always best to leave this to the pros.

If both of these appliances break down, it can bring frustration to your home and turn your daily schedule into hell. To avoid this, you should give Peter’s Appliance Repair a call today so that we can fix your appliance before frustration mounts. Our engineers are trained to ensure that no issue is too large to deal with and they are certified to resolve any malfunction with your appliance, no matter the model or brand.

Why did my appliance break down?

To pinpoint why your appliance may have a malfunction can be harder than it might seem. But regardless of what that fault may be, it’s very important that a professional can inspect and diagnose it as soon as possible. One issue can quickly turn into two, or three more. For a professional, stopping this from happening is easy.

DIY repairs are not recommended for any appliance, but especially not for those connected to water and electricity at the same time. If something goes wrong, you could be in danger and so could your device warranty. A professional repair or maintenance service can return your appliance to working order and boost your appliance life expectancy.

The common issues and troubleshooting them

Loud noise from washer/dryer

Both of these devices make noise naturally, but you’ll notice very quickly when something is wrong because they will begin to make weird sounds such as whirring, crashing or clanking. This usually indicates a fault is already there. Get this inspected and diagnosed as soon as possible, our professionals can take a look and sort this for you.

Washing machine leaking

Leaking appliances are a complete nightmare for your home. They can cause damage to the walls, floors and even other appliances around. The hose, which transports water into the washing machine, should be the first place to check. Make sure that there is no external damage and that water is flowing as it should be. It could be that this hose needs to be replaced. We can help.

The appliance won’t turn on at all

Once you have checked that power is reaching the outlet, the fuse isn’t blown and the breaker hasn’t been tripped and the issue is still happening… It’s time to call Peter’s Appliance Repair to get your appliance back up and running.

My dryer isn’t heating up

A dryer needs to push out heat to dry your clothes to the full extent if there’s not enough heat flowing it could be that your airflow is blocked. This is usually because the filter has been covered in lint from past washes. This is an easy fi

In order to dry your clothes effectively, your dryer must produce heat. If it isn’t producing enough heat to dry your clothes, it could possibly be the airflow with an issue. Ensure the filter is clear and not blocked by bits of material from past washes. A vaccum can fix this.

Should I consider a replacement?

The average lifespan for a dryer is 13 years, pretty long for an appliance. 11 years is the lifespan of a washing machine, trailing slightly behind.

If you aren’t maintaining your appliances regularly, which you should be, these average lifespans mean nothing. Peter’s Appliance Repair Technicians are able to troubleshoot and maintain your appliances to ensure that they are working better than ever before, for longer than ever before. You can be happy knowing that your in trustworthy hands with Peter’s Appliance Team.