Refrigerator Repair

Fridges keep our food fresh for as long as possible and save us so much money in the long run. So when these prized appliances break down it can bring frustration and turmoil to the home. Luckily, before you think about buying a whole new fridge, you should look into a professional appliance repair service.


Peter’s Appliance Repair of Council Bluffs, IA is always on hand to assist with your fridge repair needs. We’ll be able to get your fridge back up and running just as good as the day you bought it and extend the life of the appliance too.


Our engineers are able to provide an excellent service to you in maintenance and repairs. It doesn’t matter what model or brand of fridge you have, or even the issue you are having, we’re on hand to fix it.

Obvious Signs You Need Refrigerator Repair

There are a few obvious reasons you may need repair service, but one of the most telltale signs is when you have a leak. These faults are often the most damaging and the ones you should respond to quickly before it damages more than just the appliance itself.

Make sure that the flooding is not coming from any food if the pool is inside of the appliance. We’ve had a few times where food has caused a pool and leak from a fridge. If it’s not food, then you will need to hire an expert to come out and take a look.

Another telltale sign that your appliance may need repairs is if you begin to hear unheard noises and strange clanging sounds. Although fridges make ambient noise, as usual, you’ll notice if there’s an issue.

If you begin to hear snapping, clanging or hissing sounds that you are not used to, call us as soon as possible. We can diagnose the issue and get it sorted ASAP.

Subtle Signs You Need Fridge Repair

There are lesser-known signs that your fridge is in need of urgent repair, and it can be difficult at times to even notice that these are issues. If you’ve seen the signs above, you’ll already know that you have a fault that needs repair. But there are some quieter issues that could be hard to notice but are just as serious.

You can run a test to see if your fridge is working correctly by seeing how long your food is staying fresh. If it’s not as long as it’s supposed to, before the expiry date, your fridge could be too warm.

At this point, it’s best to have the issue diagnosed by a professional appliance repair specialist. It’s always best to do this test every few months to see if your fridge is still working as usual.

Importance of Regular Fridge Maintenance

Any appliance professional will tell you that you should look after your appliance. But we can take our appliances for granted quite often, it’s very important that we take care of these appliances that keep our food fresh.

Doing regular maintenance checks will make sure that your fridge is clean and working well. It won’t only give you peace of mind, but will also extend the life of your appliance by possibly years.

Call Peter’s Appliance Repair of Council Bluffs, IA

Even the most reliable appliances can break down and malfunction. If you do begin to notice your fridge having issues, give us a call and our customer service reps will be on hand to assist. We’ll have your appliance running as good as new before the day is done.

We are so confident in our ability to perform well, that we offer a satisfaction guarantee and ensure that our prices are budget-friendly. Give us a call today and book your appointment.