Oven Repair

Ovens are appliances we use day in day out and we often take them for granted, so when something goes wrong with a stove or oven. Luckily, Peter’s Appliance Repair is on hand to diagnose your appliances’ fault with ease thanks to our equipped engineers who are ready for any challenge.

We always recommend against any kind of DIY repairs, as it can be very dangerous. But not only dangerous, but it could also be that your DIY repairs could cost you more cash than you thought and you could, of course, void your warranty.

Our engineers are trained to deal with the dangerous side of appliance repair, so it’s often best to leave it to the professionals. If you’re in or around the Council Bluffs area, give Peter’s Appliance Repair a call today.

We’re able to diagnose, troubleshoot and fix your cooktop or oven issue within the day. Our engineers are certified professionals with the best gear to do the job they do best, repair and maintenance.

Kennesaw Oven and Stove Top Repair

If you begin to suspect there might be issues with your range, stovetop or oven, it’s always best to enquire with a professional service, like Peter’s Appliance Repair, to take a look at your appliance. If you leave a possible fault unattended, chances are you could be subject to further faults appearing within your appliance. After a quick and painless consultation by a professional, it can be explained what issues you face and the best way forward.

Before you call a professional service like ours, it’s always best to consider and understand the issues your appliance could have. A few common signs, which we have listed below, are a good place to start:

  • The appliance isn’t heating up
  • The temperature fluctuates or doesn’t reach the desired temperature
  • Uneven cooking or baking, inconsistent results
  • Regular features that worked before are no longer working such as temperature switches, timers etc.

If you notice any of the above, it’s time to give Peter’s Appliance Repair a call as soon as possible.

Why Choose Peter’s Appliance Repair

Same-day Service

In a hurry to get your appliance repaired? No problem. We’re on hand all hours at a time convenient to you, to fix your appliance before the day is done.

Highly trained technicians

Our technicians are EPA-certified and have been trained to ensure that any challenge they may face in terms of appliance repair can be done with ease. And if you’re worried about a stranger in your house, don’t worry, our team has all passed background checks.

Professionalism and integrity

We plan our pricing strategies and warranty to be as easy as possible for you to understand. We make sure that there are no hidden charges or surprises.

Handle a wide range of problems

There is no issue too large or too small for our engineers, they can fix a huge range of issues with ovens, including but not limited to:

  • Gas leaks
  • Temperature adjustment is broken
  • Electricity sparks in the oven
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Temperature won’t reach the desired setting
  • Uneven cooking or baking
  • Broken features such as time or display
  • Broiler is faulty
  • Auto-Ignite not working
  • Shorting circuits
  • Replacement parts, such as the drip pan
  • The self-cleaning mechanism is not working
  • The door is jammed or will not close
  • Broken switches

Call Peter’s Appliance Repair of Council Bluffs

If you begin to experience any issues with your oven, give us a call at Peter’s Appliance Repair as soon as possible. We’ll provide the best possible deal and solution to get your appliance back up and running before the day is done.