Ice Maker Repair

Ice Makers are a real luxury in the hot summer months. There’s nothing quite like a cold drink with ice cubes floating away. When your ice maker begins to have issues though, there’s no supply of ice, and you’ll quickly realize that the appliance you took for granted really did change everything in the summer. But don’t worry, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a new one. We can help.

If you call Peter’s Appliance Repair, who is the best appliance repair company in Council Bluffs, we’ll be able to assist in your appliance repairs for a budget-friendly price, with repairs completed by certified professionals who can provide a flat fee quote before beginning. No extra charges and you’ll have your ice back before the end of the day.

We make sure that our engineers are trained and equipped with top of the line equipment, while also gaining years of experience repairing a huge range of appliances across many large brands. The model doesn’t matter, and neither does the brand, we can fix it.

Why did it break down?

An ice maker is quite a complicated appliance so there are quite a few reasons that it could fail. It could be a single component, it could be internal wiring or it could be the whole appliance itself. Often one issue leads to several more if left unattended to.

The most common culprits are the water valves or supply lines being damaged while we also find issues with the filter and ejection assembly from time to time too.

We recommend against any DIY repairs on any appliance, you could incur costs and void your warranty. Given that this appliance is connected to both water and electricity at the same time, it can be dangerous to tinker with if you don’t have experience or certification. Surprisingly, 17 percent of all electrocutions in the last 10 years involved home appliances.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Ice maker won’t work

Most ice makers have an arm that moves up and down to control when ice is made. Check your manual before you call us to make sure that the pause function isn’t on. Most of the time these can be reset manually. If the issue still continues, it could be anything from the water inlet to the valve or even the filter.

Ice maker works but doesn’t make ice

Firstly check what we said for the above suggestion. If it’s still not making ice it could be that your water line is jammed with frost. Also, ensure that water is running to your appliance and that the ice looks normal. If it doesn’t call us as soon as possible to avoid further damages.


Every appliance owner hates leaks, they cause more damage than any other fault and can often appear out of nowhere. If you notice water leaking inside the fridge or if the freezer is standalone, make sure the appliance is level on the ground. Some freezers also have a filling bin that should be aligned correctly with a funnel. If these appear fine, call us and we’ll take a look.

Leaks should not be ignored, because what might seem like a small issue can quickly become a larger one.

Should I consider a replacement?

Ice makers have one of the shortest life expectancies of all appliances, regardless of if they are regularly maintained and looked after. Usually, ice makers last around 5 years. If it’s older than this we’ll often advise the cheapest way forward, which may be purchasing a new machine.

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